Y FARMA, a pharmaceutical company belonging to the MEDOCHEMIE group, provides sales promotion, representation and consultancy services.


Founded in Portugal, Y FARMA's founders developed highly innovative products, including Libifeme and Libimasculine. These have help hundreds of thousands of people world-wide improve their health and wellness. 

Y FARMA's client portfolio includes world-class companies and innovative, high-quality products.


Y FARMA develops products carefully selected for their natural benefits and unique ingredients, to help tackle the main health problems of this century in Western society.

All products are developed using Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) to ensure that they are manufactured according to good practices (GMP), are of good quality, do not represent a risk or danger of cross-contamination and are safe for human consumption.


Standardized plant extracts and molecules are used, which contain a specific amount of active ingredients. Only the use of isolated active ingredients (molecules) or extracts from certain parts of the plant, ensures that the final product is safe and effective.

All products or their standardized extracts have been subjected to clinical studies, published in renowned scientific journals, where they have demonstrated their effectiveness and health benefits.

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