In the course of life, all women experience a number of physical changes that often affect our intimate equilibrium and well-being, which at times, limit the pleasure we get out of our sexual intercourse overall. 


Although emotional background plays a key role in generating sexual desire and satisfaction, maintaining a healthy genital (vulvovaginal) area, is essential and linked to intimate well-being and pleasure.

A number of factors have been observed to, at times affect vulvovaginal health, such as stress, treatment with antidepressants, long-term contraceptive usage, age related hormonal changes and sudden weight gain or weight loss.

LIBIFEME is a range of natural products produced by FARMA.

LIBIFEME range actively supports all women, who are interested in discovering and knowing their bodies, with only natural ingredient products.

LIBIFEME line of products, encapsulates all dimensions of  being a woman, strong, brave and self-assured and is their ally in conquering their own intimate wellbeing. 

LIBIFEME range of product was developed to help women in all situations affecting intimacy such as after pregnancy, peri menopause and menopause symptoms, urinary tract disfunctions, anxiety and depression.

We are pleased to offer LIBIFEME products for sale from our online store: please view product specifications below and don't hesitate to contact us if you need further support.